Meza Dental is a high end Cosmetic Dentistry Centre located in San José, Costa Rica, that is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care for patients from around the globe.

Our dentists have been trained in recognized Universities and Institutes in United States like UCLA and gIDE/Loma Linda University. Additionally, Meza is an accredited clinic by the AAAHC and our director and founder Dr. Alberto Meza is one out of the only two accredited members south of the United States by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

Always striving for perfection, our professional team delivers excellent results combining the art and science of Cosmetic Dentistry.



Cosmetic Dentistry

Due to the uniqueness of every individual's facial anatomy and characteristics, there is only one perfect smile for each particular face and we will help find it through Smile Design.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. They work as artificial roots to support prosthetic teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

At Meza Dental a full mouth reconstruction can help restore the proper function of teeth and at the same time ensure our patients can share a beautiful smile with the world.

Dr. Alberto Meza


Dr. Marianella Marín


Dr. José Umaña


Dr. Irene Castro




Experience: More than 4000 people enjoying a Meza Smile around the globe.
Our doctors have been trained in recognized universities and institutions like the University of Los Angeles, CA (UCLA), Global Institute for Dental Education (gIDE) and Loma Linda University.
Our Clinic is accredited by the AAAHC (Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Healthcare).
Our doctors are part of the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry). Dr. Meza is the first and only accredited member by the AACD in Costa Rica.
Striving for perfection, Dr. Meza has developed a unique system that delivers consistent and predictable results from every one of our doctors.


Years of Experience

More than 10 years of experience

Meza Smiles

More than 4,000 people enjoying a Meza Smile


People from more than 17 countries around the globe have visited Meza

Continuous Education

10 years of continuous education


Costa Rica is a small country located in Central America with a huge touristic potential and ranked as one of the most visited destinations around the globe. The main source of income is tourism. As a democratic and peaceful country, Costa Rica possesses no army since the year 1949.
The extension of Costa Rica’s territory represents just 0.03% of the world’s surface. One of the most attractive things about Costa Rica is it’s biodiversity, consisting of 5% of the total biodiversity of the entire world. For this reason, up to 26% of the country’s territory is protected by law, to ensure the conservation of flora and fauna.
Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in the World according to the Happy Planet Index report, published by the New Economics Foundation.
In Costa Rica everything is "Pura Vida"


Cinzia Filippini Guindani

Ho trascorso molti anni – nel mio Paese, l’Italia – con il “timore” del Dentista per differenti motivi, sia emotivi – mie paure sulla sopportazione del dolore - che economici – e’ veramente uno spropositato esborso di denaro una cura medico dentale in Italia. Cio’ ha causato trascuratezza e negligenza nel curare la mia bocca. Un giorno, dopo qualche anno di permanenza qui in Costa Rica, un amica mi parlo’ della sua positiva esperienza con Meza Dental Care! Fissai un primo appuntamento………. tuttavia molto scettica ed intimorita per la mia esperienza dentistica precedente, con pessimi medici in Italia (ma erano gli unici da me abbordabili económicamente!) . Quindi dopo una visita preliminare da parte dello Studio Meza, trascorsero ancora alcuni mesi prima che io trovassi la fiducia necessaria per rimettere la mia bocca nelle mani di un Medico Dentista. Fissai quindi un secondo appuntamento con molta piu’ convinzione, determinazione e completa fiducia nel Dott., Alberto Meza e nel suo Staff! Dott. Alberto fu molto chiaro, professionale, preciso , competente e mi spiego’ l’intervento specialistico che le mie arcate dentali necessitavano tassativamente, a beneficio della mia salute física in generale, oltreche’ dell’aspetto puramente estetico. Mi sottoposi quindi, circa un anno fa, al primo intervento chirurgico. Ricordo che quel giorno arrivai in Studio Meza molto tesa ed inquieta – nonostante il leggero calmante che mi aveva prescritto il Dottore – le mie paure ed i miei timori erano sempre in agguato per l’eventuale sofferenza física a cui sarei stata sottoposta. Ma……. tutto si svolse nel migliore dei modi, con un’attenzione ed una gentilezza – ovvio oltre alla professionalita’ – da parte del Dott. Alberto Meza e di tutto lo Staff. Al termine dell’intervento cio’ che piu’ mi doleva era la schiena….. piu’ di due ore seduta su quella poltrona……… ma non era assolutamente nulla. Ora sono cosi’ contenta di aver ritrovato il mio sorriso e la mia salute generale ne ha giovato in tutti i sensi, dato che diversi problemi nel nostro organismo sono causati da una mal igiene delle árcate dentali!!! Molte grazie Dott. Alberto, a lei, a tutto lo Staff - sempre cosi’ gentile, disponibile, professionale – ed alla fantástica Doña Rebeca, il primo contatto con lo Studio, e dalla sua professionalita’ nel primo impatto si intuisce gia’ di essere in “buone mani”!!

Gerald Sweet

I just had my first annual checkup with Dr. Meza since completing my full dental restoration. After having three of my four fixed bridges fail, my local dentist told me it was time to consider getting an evaluation from a dentist that would reconstruct my entire mouth. She recommended a dentist in Baltimore, Maryland. A friend of mine had spent over $60,000 and wasn't finished or satisfied yet. I couldn't afford to go down that road, so I Googled Costa Rica, Dentist and emailed Dr. Meza. He called me and I sent him the x-rays I was supposed to take with me to Baltimore. Though I have a dental plan, I had no idea of what the coverage would be for implants and cosmetic dentistry. In the past, it was always a surprise. I bought a plane ticket, while Rebeca made hotel arrangements. Jose picked me up at the airport and provided transportation for my office visits. Dr. Meza asked me what I wanted and I responded...Hollywood...fix everything. I now have an upper fixed denture mounted on implants, while, the lower jaw has seven crowns...three of which are mounted on implants along with veneers on my front teeth. Everything matches. Everyone comments, "What a beautiful smile." While sitting in the waiting room, I noticed that a patient was having a dental form filled out. I requested the same and turned it in upon my return home. To my amazement, they paid 60% and 40% depending on the procedure. I hadn't expected this. This allowed me to afford the cosmetic dentistry as well. Of course the dental plan would have paid for the same items at home, but the initial cost would have been over twice as much. Costa Rica is a beautiful country for a vacation. Everyone is friendly and I have visited almost every volcano by my rented motorcycle. Don't believe the guidebooks. You can drive safely in Costa Rica. Though I don't speak Spanish, I had no trouble with getting directions from the locals who didn't speak English. I've also been Zip Lining and I roller skate at an indoor rink near Mall, San Pedro. While in the office I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world. This has been a truly remarkable experience. Who would have believed that going to the dentist could be so much fun? I can't wait for the next checkup and a hiking trip in the cloud-forest.

Tory Fenimore

Altoona, Florida.
The Meza Clinic changed my life and incrediably was an enjoyable experience. Cost was the first modivating factor for traveling to Costa Rica, but other benefits recommending it extend from hospitality, ease, time saving, expertise, quality of work and not the least inspiration. Five years ago, my teeth and gums with gengivitis were detoriating so rapidly, I was advised by Floridian dentists to have them pulled and replaced with dentures or to write a $30,000 check just to start replacement without the costs of crown and veneers. That was a dismal Monday afternoon Two days later I was being whisked away from the San Jose Airport by Rebeca to the Beverely Hills comfort of the Meza clinic. The second I walked in I felt at home. Everyone huged me and I was offered drinks of my choice including beer and wine, served on a tray. I was not made to feel that the condition of my teeth was my fault, nor act like they were doing me a favor. At the end of the day when you are exhausted, they do not kick you out in the street to find a cab and medications. Instead, you are taken to your hotel and they make sure you have what they need. Not only was the clinic stylish, the equipment was more upscale than any I had seen in the United States. Specialists, many trained in American universities, were brought into the office to do upper and lower gum surgery, a bone graft root canal and implant. Even unheathly metallic fillings were replaced. I have a low tolerance for pain, but everyone babied me through, especially Rebeca. From the outset, I told Dr. Meza to do only what I could afford, which was structural work. He replied, "First we have to set you up for veneers on your front teeth so when you go home your teeth will not only be heathly but something you can be proud of." His cosmetic dentistry entails making slight variations so the teeth look totally real! Unlike at home, everything was scheduled and carried out seemlessly without effort on my part. I spent about 4 hours a day, for 5 days out of ten in the dentist chair. The time was about equal to what I spent at home on four dental appointments with travel and waiting time for one root canal - not even considerating the four weeks of apprehension and pain between appointments Eleven days later I left Costa Rica a new person, he had not just given me a new beautiful smile, he had changed my life. Previously not wanting to attract attention, I wore T-shirts, baggy jeans, no make-up or attractive haircuts. Costa Rica and the Meza Clinic changed all that; now my appearance matchs my smile. The beautiful smile led to reasonably priced Costa Rican cosmetic surgery. Then my posture improved and I began to exercize. You might not think teeth can so completely change your life, but I am here to tell you, Dr Meza does not just give you beautiful and healthy teeth, but a reason and inspiration to improve your entire life. In the last 5 years, this story has repeated itself with family and friends. From dentistry to eye surgery everyone is shocked at how advanced and professional treatment is in Costa Rica. I have just as many stories of mistakes, poor workmanship and lack of caring in the United States. My brother-in-law, an Air Force retiree, wanted to get some work done. Even with benefits it was going to be expensive, so I suggested the Meza Clinic. He was apprehensive about dental work in CR. Then he planned a birding trip in CR and I said "Go, I know you will love it, but if you don't walk out" He came back 2 weeks later, grinning from ear to ear; he said it was like a going out of business sale. Like me, he was looking at just structural work, but when he got there was so impressed with everything and the cost, he just said "How could I not come back with a new smile" He was thrilled with the work they did and still is 3 years later.

Andrew Kochie

Arlington, Texas.
Being a young professional artist and public speaker created challenges due to past health issues and genetics. I became creative hiding my smile when in public, and would never smile in photos due to failing oral health. Thanks to Dr. Meza and the entire team, my smile was fully restored to a beautiful natural state. For the first time in my life my speech is clear and easy to understand. I no longer hold back laughter or cover my face. It is an amazing feeling when I smile seeing other faces light up in response. I researched dental groups in the USA and around the world for 10 months before choosing Meza Dental Care to accomplish a full dental restoration. It was important for me not only to have my smile restored, but to find a team who could understand and work with a rare neurological disorder during the process. The results were outstanding. A healthy smile is a huge form of communication and Dr. Meza and his team have elevated this to an art form.



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