What is a sinus lift?
When we lose our upper back molars our sinus cavities have a tendency of dropping down because what kept them up high (the roots of the molars) is gone, so in order to place implants we need to bring the sinus cavity up again in order to gain space to place the implants.

What type of bone grafts do you use?
We use bovine bone graft material (called xenograft), which is basically a calcified mineral matrix that is going to promote bone growth.

What is a connection surgery?
After your implants are placed they are usually covered by gum, if by the time you come to complete the restorative work that gum is still on top of the implant we will need to make a small incision to access/expose you implants and this is the connection surgery

What is a build up?
In the process of doing crowns we need to make sure that the tooth/ teeth we are working on are completely healthy so if there are any cavities or failing fillings we need to take them out in order to clean the tooth and reconstruct the tooth with a new filling.

What is a post?
A post is needed in order to create more stability to the core of a tooth that’s going to receive a crown. Posts can only be placed when there is a root canal, however having a root canal does not always mean that you need a post, your doctor in charge will let you know whether or not you need one.

What brand of implants do you work with?
We work with: Zimmer Dental and Biohorizons

How many days do I have to stay?
This depends on the amount of work you are having done but more or less it goes like this:
-Just implant placement/ surgical phases: 5 business days
-1-3 units: 5 business days.
-4 or more units: 10 business days

Why do I have to stay for so long:
When it comes to restorative work, the lab requires a certain amount of days in order to deliver the work that is necessary and during that process there might be some intermediate appointments to make sure that the work is going in the right track.

Why do I have to wait 4/6 months to restore my implants?
There is a need to wait because the implants need to heal in your jawbones, they need to fuse (integrate) to your bone and the time depends on where the implant is placed: if it’s on your upper arch you’ll need to wait 6 months and if it is on your lower arch you’ll need to wait 4 months.

Do you help with travel arrangements?
Flights: you’ll have to purchase them on your own, we don’t get involved in this process because of the wide variety of options (hours, airline preference, etc.) to get your flights but it is useful to use Google Flghts as a reference. Search for Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO).

Lodging: we have a list of hotels that are close to our office and in some of them we have preferential rates, you can pick also pick a hotel and we’ll gladly let you know if it’s close enough to our office and there are Air BnB available in the zone.

Transportation: we provide courtesy airport pick ups and drop offs to the airport and courtesy pick ups and drop offs for all of your appointments as long your lodging arrangement is within our pick up zone (4-5 miles away from the clinic). If you don’t know if your hotel selection is within our pick up zone please feel free to ask us.

Do you give me something for pain?
We give prescription medicines, and they have an additional cost that depends on the meds that Dr. prescribes. But our office manager will help you to get your prescriptions filled.

What type of anesthesia do you use?
We use local anesthetics, such as Novacaine or similar. We can’t provide Nitrous oxide due to a national health regulation.

I want to be out during the procedure/ I want I.V. sedation, can that be done?
Yes, it can. It has an additional cost and we will

What brand of implant brand do you restore?
Zimmer Dental

What is the material of the crowns and veneers at Meza?
We offer a variety of material selection: full porcelain crowns (pressed ceramics), porcelain fused to metal or zirconia restorations.

With how much anticipation do I have to schedule?
At least 2 weeks of anticipation, however, please check with our office first is there is availability upon your selected date or before you decide to buy your plane tickets .

Which are the payment methods?
Wire Transfer
Credit cards
NOTE: we don’t accept any type of checks

Do you do invisalign / braces or orthodontic treatment?
No we don’t.

Do you offer credit or financing?
No, we don’t have a financial entity that can provide financial aid, however if you have a financial entity that requests information from the dental service provider, we’ll gladly help you.

Do you offer complementary transportation?
Yes we do, we offer:
-Courtesy airport pick ups and drop offs to the airport.
-Courtesy pick ups and drop offs for all of your appointments as long your lodging arrangement is within our pick up zone (4-5 miles away from the clinic)

Which is the general guarantee for implants, veneers and crowns?
-Implants: Lifetime guarantee
-Crowns and veneers: 5 years