Kelly Panzero Testimonial

Kelly Panzero

Dr. Meza & Dental Staff,

Thank you so much for giving me the smile I have dreamed about for so long! I feel younger, beautiful and more confident than I have felt in years. I am ready to smile to life!" -Kelly Rae Panzero-

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testimony Peter - Dental implants - success case

Peter Clavell

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the Meza dental team for there highly qualified professional handling of my dental needs. t's been quite a relief to have a team of experienced pros working on me. My initial apprehension and fear of most dentist was quickly relieved by everyone´s calm and easily understood explanations in how they were going to handle my case. No language barriers here, everyone spoke perfect English. This initial calming effect extended well into my full mouth restoration. To have that much work done with little or no pain was I'm sure do to there expertise, it's what they do best. My highest regards to you and your team.

I can't stop flashing my MEZA SMILE.

Peter Clavell

Success case - Gerald Sweet - dental implants

Gerald Sweet

I just had my first annual checkup with Dr. Meza since completing my full dental restoration. After having three of my four fixed bridges fail, my local dentist told me it was time to consider getting an evaluation from a dentist that would reconstruct my entire mouth. She recommended a dentist in Baltimore, Maryland. A friend of mine had spent over $60,000 and wasn't finished or satisfied yet.
I couldn't afford to go down that road, so I Googled Costa Rica, Dentist and emailed Dr. Meza. He called me and I sent him the x-rays I was supposed to take with me to Baltimore. Though I have a dental plan, I had no idea of what the coverage would be for implants and cosmetic dentistry. In the past, it was always a surprise.
I bought a plane ticket, while Rebeca made hotel arrangements. Jose picked me up at the airport and provided transportation for my office visits. Dr. Meza asked me what I wanted and I responded... Hollywood... fix everything. I now have an upper fixed denture mounted on implants, while, the lower jaw has seven crowns...three of which are mounted on implants along with veneers on my front teeth. Everything matches. Everyone comments, "What a beautiful smile."
While sitting in the waiting room, I noticed that a patient was having a dental form filled out. I requested the same and turned it in upon my return home. To my amazement, they paid 60% and 40% depending on the procedure. I hadn't expected this. This allowed me to afford the cosmetic dentistry as well. Of course the dental plan would have paid for the same items at home, but the initial cost would have been over twice as much.
Costa Rica is a beautiful country for a vacation. Everyone is friendly and I have visited almost every volcano by my rented motorcycle. Don't believe the guidebooks. You can drive safely in Costa Rica. Though I don't speak Spanish, I had no trouble with getting directions from the locals who didn't speak English. I've also been Zip Lining and I roller skate at an indoor rink near Mall, San Pedro.
While in the office I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world. This has been a truly remarkable experience. Who would have believed that going to the dentist could be so much fun? I can't wait for the next checkup and a hiking trip in the cloud-forest.

Testimony - Doug Sparks - success case

Doug Sparks

"Dr. Meza, Your integrity, generosity and enormous skill will be appreciated by  me for the rest of my life. With deepest gratitude" -Doug Sparks-

Herbert Friedland Testimonial

Herbert Friedland

My number one dream after hitting the lottery was to visit a great dentist who would restore my smile. I didn't hit the lottery but was able to get my smile.

In 1961, following some very bad experiences, I had eight teeth extracted and learned not to smile and accepted this as my fate. Last year, a friend and patient of Dr. Meza told me of his implant experience. We use the same dentist in Virginia who verified that the work performed and materials used by Dr. Meza were excellent.

I had my first visit to Meza Dental in September 2016 and just completed six implants and two bridges in May 2017. Dr. Meza and his staff were wonderful in their care and assistance.

For the first time in almost fifty-six years I can smile with confidence. What a wonderful feeling!

Dr. Meza, you changed my life. You're my hero!