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In to order provide you with the approximate cost and time frame for your dental treatment, we will need the following information:

Panoramic X-ray

This is an X-ray that shows all of the structures we need to examine. You can get it at most dental offices. It can be digital or film. This type of X-ray is required for implant surgery.

CT Scan

You can send this by mail on a CD/DVD or email us the link at

Periapical Full Set of X-rays

This is a regular X-ray that you can get at most dental offices. They can be digital or film.

Digital Photographs

We require photos from four different views or angles: full face smile, full smile close up, upper arch and lower arch.


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Please send digital files to:

All physical documents should be mailed to:
Meza Dental
P.O. BOX 025331
#SJO 88151
Miami, FL 33102-5331

If you have Film X-rays and you want to scan them, please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Scan the X-rays with the top of the scanner open and lots of light in the room.
  2. Save it to your computer.
  3. E-mail the scanned X-rays to:
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