Full Mouth Restoration

A blend of art, technology and experience that only Meza Dental Care can deliver.

A full mouth restoration may be needed due to decayed, missing, worn or miss aligned teeth. The purpose is to improve the function and aesthetics of the masticatory system.

After collecting information from x rays, pictures, CT Scans, clinical exams and patient’s history, our dentists can determine what dental treatment plan is needed and what other options are possible for each individual case.

Since a full mouth restoration entails using crowns , veneers, bridges, dental implants, prosthesis, braces, and at times surgery, it requires planning and experience to deliver beautiful long lasting results.

At Meza Dental Care clinic, we take pride in all the life changing dental restorations we’ve delivered to our patients over the years. Take a look at our Before & After Gallery to view some of the amazing results.